A team of experimented professionals, reappointed partners , a logistics and an intelligent integration of the services of transport make of the GTI one of the companies with the strongest growth in the transport market in Tunisia.

GTI general TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL is a limited Tunisian company, created in 1989 with a capital of 1.200.000 DT.

With the logistic support of our partners abroad, we plan, coordinate and insure the transport of any types of goods worldwide.

Our headquarters, located in the harbour zone, is in a strategic knot where are concentrated the main shipping companies and the administrations (customs, Office of the merchant navy,etc.)

We also have two agencies which cover the Sahel, the Center and the South of Tunisia. GTI ( general TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL) is able to answer all your demands. For the company, the transport is a real and deep culture.

We make a commitment to supply in real real time all the needed information for rational decision-making: estimate, technical feasibility, time studies, technical solutions alternatives, situation and state of the goods.
















Zone portuaire de Radès, 2040, radès, Tunisie . Tél : +216 71 449 080 , Fax + 216 71 449 378 / 449 313
E-mail : commercial@gti.com.tn